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Well, the good news is that the election will be over by Spring Bank Holiday! The bad news is that it can be a really difficult Bank Holiday to plan for … the weather isn’t always kind and parties can be hit and miss. Never fear - we’ve got the answer!

It’s odd that we’re not as good at this as other nationalities. There’s no doubt that the Irish lead the field in terms of European national celebrations - St Patrick’s Day is a total green-fest. But what about the rest of the saints: George, Andrew and David?

April’s an athletic month! Between St George’s Day on 23 April, which includes horses, dragons, sword-wielding and princesses, and the London Marathon on 26th April, we’re expecting a run on our costumes … and we’re not above a pun!

The joys of Spring - nothing brings them to life more than Easter. But what’s the history of this chocolate rich festival and how can we best celebrate it?

Easter was named for Eostre, who was the Anglo-Saxon goddess of Spring, or so St Bede claims. He wasn’t very reliable though, so we don’t know how accurate this claim is.  What we do know is that the Christian church took over an old pagan festival, held every spring, and linked it to the resurrection of Christ, which bore many similar themes to the older festival, relating to life triumphing over death and the return of growth, health and strength to the agricultural world

So, what’s the biggest fun-time festival of March? There is no doubt in our minds, it’s St Patrick’s Day - which falls on Tuesday March 17th in 2015. The St Patrick’s Day parade in New York is famous, of course, but London’s parade is starting to come a close second - although this year it’s being held on 15 March because it’s always a Sunday parade, finishing in Trafalgar Square. And of course, St Paddy’s day gives us all an excuse to drink Guinness, paint ourselves green and have some craic!

There’s traditional Irish food to consider too - an Irish stew, some soda bread and maybe a Bailey’s or two to finish up the meal. But the main fun is in the costumes, attempting some Irish dancing to those fast and furious Irish jig tunes and enjoying a few anecdotes told by those who’ve kissed the blarney stone.

Feeling a bit blue after Valentine’s Day?  Then it’s time to plan a party! Seriously, the pressure put on people to succeed at Valentine’s can be a real downer, and we’ve learned to find ways to spread some fun in February. One of our favourite tricks is to have a post-Valentine’s party and to set an inclusive theme, so that people really have to turn their minds to their fancy dress costume rather than dwelling on their romantic (or otherwise) experiences over the Valentine’s Day period.

Yes, everybody’s talking about Star Wars VII! And while the internet may be obsessed with whether Disney will change the nature of the Star Wars franchise now its taken over Lucasfilm, we’re focused on the fancy dress opportunities.

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