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Hen Night

Now Valentine’s Day is over, there’s a long cold period of not much fun to be had until summer brings its barbecues and sunbathing opportunities. But there’s no need to suffer. We’ve got a bundle of feel-good fun ideas to get you through the chilly months without having to spend a fortune on flights abroad.


First off, consider organising your own little fancy dress event - a party is the simplest way to boost your enjoyment quotient, and with the sequel to Trainspotting, plus the most recent Harry Potter spin-off ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ and ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ all making headlines, there’s a bound to be a party theme to suit your circumstances, whether you’re planning a family get together or a sophisticated party for grown-ups only.


Make sure your decor fits the party theme. Hang up some Harry Potter brooms and some attaché cases for Fantastic Beasts, dig out some cheap undies to strew over your lamps for Fifty Shades or, for Trainspotting 2, it could be as simple as pulling on your running kit for Renton has become ‘The Runner’ and is bringing his endorphin high back home! Then plan some cocktails to suit, making sure that if you’ve picked a child-friendly theme you’ve got plenty of non-alcoholic beverages to hand, and have fun!


For those to whom this really appeals, there’s always the option to organise a fund-raiser for a charity of your choice, perhaps a little fun-run, or a day at work where everybody dresses up in fancy dress and makes a donation to the charity. 

Cosplay is getting everywhere these days - from film showings like The Rocky Horror Show and Frozen performances where everybody turns up in costume through to highly specific events such as Pride and Prejudices themed weekends where all the participants are required to show up in Georgian costume and maintain appropriate demeanour and dialogue throughout.


Epic cosplay costumes include those made for steampunk events, where people spend a whole year preparing an outfit to wear for a single day, but it’s much easier to pull off a fantastic cosplay look than you might think. Costumes such as Harley Quinn or Dr Who or Gandalf are easy to purchase and if you put in a little time to practice your moves and voice, you’ll find that you can produce an amazing effect that will astonish your friends and family.


Whether you choose to attend an organised cosplay event, or put on your own bit of fun by inviting your friends to come round and watch a favourite film in costume along with some themed food and perhaps even some party games, you’ll find there’s just as much fun to be had in the planning and organising of your fancy dress fun as there is in attending it. The best thing about cosplay is that you can tailor it to your own interests, so whether you’re a secret fan of the Dirty Dozen or have a hankering to hold your own Scooby Doo party, you can create the perfect scenario to get your loved ones involved with celebrating your favourite film, book or even reality TV show!

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Abfab Fancy Dress

Fancy dress is so much fun! The British have really got onto the fancy dress bandwagon in the past decade for three reasons.

The British love fancy dress because

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