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Choose from a huge selection of men's fancy dress costumes available for dispatch - we have thousands of items in stock and ready to send.

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You can even find cute toddler costumes on our website as well as costumes for boys and fancy dress for girls.

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Hen Night

17 March is St Patrick’s Day and everything from the St Paddy’s Day Parade in New York to the buns in your local burger shop is likely to be turning green! Ready to join in? We’ve got some great ideas for you:


  • Make a playlist combining traditional Irish music with modern hits from The Pogues, U2 etc.

  • Encourage everybody to come to work/school/your party wearing green and award a green prize for the best costume - our leprechaun costume is bound to be a success!

  • Remember to buy a few little green items - sunglasses, necklaces, hats, so that those who show up having forgotten their costume can still accessorise themselves appropriately.

Every year at some freshers fair, some or other university group ends up in the national media because of their controversial fancy dress. Topics that have aroused the ire of other students and drawn the attention of journalists include “Hipsters and Homeless” (cancelled by Bristol University authorities) and a chav themed night (same university, same response) Then there was the time the University of Gloucester was pilloried about an initiation event in which somebody dressed in a Nazi uniform was marching around students whose heads were covered with bin bags - probably not the kind of education their parents thought they were saving up to provide!

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Abfab Fancy Dress

Fancy dress is so much fun! The British have really got onto the fancy dress bandwagon in the past decade for three reasons.

The British love fancy dress because

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