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Hen Night

The story of a chap who turned up to a christening in fancy dress went viral on social media. Apparently the dad of the child being christened simply told his mate that the christening would be different, because it was in fancy dress, and was taken at his word. While the dad assumed his mate was simply playing along with the joke, it turns out that he’d been completely taken in. So when his friend arrived dressed as a medieval knight, complete with sword, to find himself in an otherwise ‘formal’ environment, it was a bit of a shock.


Now we applaud his choice - if you’re going to show up anywhere in a fancy dress costume, you really can’t go far wrong with a nice knight. It’s patriotic, it suits all body types, it’s easy to move around it and … well, you’ve got a sword! But the moral of the story is clearly that if you’re apparently invited to a fancy dress do, check out with a couple of the other guests to be sure you’ve really understood the invitation!

Trending at festivals so far this year are super-cute dresses - by which we mean pretty outfits, not those showing massive amounts of thigh or cleavage - worn with cowboy hats, and bright raincoats (no surprise there). However the trend of fancy dress for weekend festivals is growing rapidly: we saw lots of costumes at Glastonbury, with political themes proving popular there, while  mates fancy dress was a big deal at many other events, with Power Rangers and Transformers appearing quite often while the Addams Family and Flintstones were very popular with groups … one interesting trend we spotted was costume swapping - with the girls and guys in a tent swapping the costumes they’d worn on the previous day so the girls went as guys and guys as girls. Getting twice the life from your fancy dress outfit, obviously!

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Abfab Fancy Dress

Fancy dress is so much fun! The British have really got onto the fancy dress bandwagon in the past decade for three reasons.

The British love fancy dress because

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