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Top your fancy dress off with a fabulous wig!


Accessorise and complete your look with a wig from Short, long, curly or afro, we have a wig to suit you! We stock a range of historical wigs, from Renaissance to Baroque and normal styles if you just want to change your look, including bob wigs, long wigs and plait wigs. Available in standard colours such as brown, black, blonde, auburn, grey and white, we also stock a more adventurous range of bright neon wigs in blue, green, pink, purple, red and orange. We have a wide wig selection in ladies and men's wigs, from 60's, 70's and 80's; wigs for stars such as Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and characters from the Rocky Horror Show; and favourites such as Dafydd, and Andy and Lou from Little Britain. Or you could simply be imitating your favourite character like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz or Fiona from Shrek. Halloween wigs are also sold all year round creating your favourite baddie or witch. Whatever the theme, make the jump from casual fancy dress to a full costume with one of our fabulous wigs, and become your character completely!

Lady GaGa


Lady Gaga has taken the world by storm and no two outfits are ever the same. However for a good representation of Lady Gaga we recommend the glam wig, together with these glasses and perhaps the sandy costume.