Alexandra Gallagher will. Shes going to wear a different fancy dress every day for 30 days throughout November 2016 to raise funds for and awareness of, pancreatic cancer. Her mother, Lydia, died of the disease last year and now shes trying to help bring this cancer to peoples attention in November which is national Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month. She says that only 1% of the cancer funding in the UK goes to the disease.


Now, on any given day youre likely to bump into one of the Absolutely Fabulous Fancy Dress team in some kind of costume, as we road test them (thats the story we like to tell, truth is, we just like dressing up!) but the idea of doing it for an entire month, let alone November, is quite a task. After all, Novembers not the nicest month in which to be wearing anything other than a cosy jumper and a cardi, but our hats off to Alexandra, and well be reporting on her progress in November. Its a great month to pick as there are any number of themes to choose from: halloween, and St Andrews Day to name but two.


We also gave some thought to what outfit wed pick for a really miserable November day, and our hands-down winner was this pilot get up - stunning fancy dress, easy and comfortable to wear and with its own lovely snuggly scarf - total winner! We also thought that pencil and crayon fancy dress would be a great idea as those costumes are always quite warm and, given that people manage to run marathons in them, must be pretty easy to move around in.


If youd like to help fund Pancreatic Cancer research, Alexandra has a JustGiving page you can visit and you can check out her outfits on her blog.