It’s Father’s Day on 21 June - and whether you help your Dad celebrate with a cheap card and a cup of tea that he didn’t have to ask for, or a full on roast dinner and a glass of finest brandy, Dad deserves to have some fun!

There tends to be a difficulty with Father’s Day - most Dads are difficult to buy for, so they end up with boring socks, even more boring cardigans, or silly things that they will never use (farting bottle openers and glow in the dark plant labels etc) so why not treat Dad to something really fun … like a Father’s Day party!

Yes, everybody has to come dressed up as Dad. We’ve got a range of costumes to help you, from novelty golf hats to bald wigs to Union Jack suits, and if you’d like to flatter your old man, then why not Dad the super-hero?

Prepare his favourite foods, make a mixtape of his favourite oldies (bet there’s some Johnny Cash in there somewhere, everybody’s Dad loves Johnny Cash!) and compile some of his top TV shows so that he can sit and watch them once the party is over. He might say he doesn’t want any fuss, and try and escape to the garden, but once you’ve got him into the swing of things you’ll probably find he’s a bit of a party animal - just make sure you’ve got your phone ready to record any Dad dancing that goes on, so that you can use it to embarrass/blackmail him throughout the year!

Ways to make your Father’s Day party special - party games

Who left the light on?

If your Dad is one of those who goes around turning out the lights, play a party game just for him. One player is blindfolded and the rest circle round him or her to music. When the music stops, the person nearest the light switch has to go and turn it on and the blindfolded player has to guess who it was by their footsteps. If they guess right the light turner on is blindfolded, otherwise the game continues until the ‘Dad’ does guess right. Dad will be delighted that the light gets turned off after each round!

Dad dress up

Everybody sits in a circle and the first person to throw a six on the dice has to run to a heap of Dad clothes: cardigan, tie, wellington boots, cloth cap etc, put them all on and run to the end of the room to cut up a sausage and eat it. Everybody else continues to throw the dice until another six when the second player runs to the first, takes the clothes off them and puts them on etc. Soon people will be trying to rip clothes off each other and it gets quite lively!