It will soon be here! Murray Mount, or Murray Mound, or Henman Hill (there’s a very British row about the whole subject) will soon resound to the tears, jeers and fears of thousands of tennis fans as Wimbledon takes over the living rooms and lives of many Brits.

But there’s no need to sit alone, glued to the TV, when you could throw a Wimbledon party and enjoy the matches in the company of your friends.  Here’s how to do it.

Wimbledon Fancy Dress

Give everyone a tennis player to dress as - if you don’t then half will turn up as John McEnroe and the other half as Bjorn Borg. It’s much more fun if you make them come as famous players from throughout history like Arthur Ashe and Andre Agassi and Boris Becker, Venus Williams, Billie Jean King and that tennis girl with no knickers (or maybe not her, it depends how grown up your party is going to be!) so that you get a great range of characters and outfits.

Remember to offer a prize for the best costume.

Food and drink

It has to be Pimms and strawberries and cream, doesn’t it? But for younger guests and teetotallers, remember the Lucozade and Lemon Barley Water.

You can ice cupcakes with a tennis ball design and yellow macaroons look fab if you draw some white icing lines on them to resemble tennis balls.


Set a tennis themed quiz with a trophy for the winner - you’ll need to have qualifying rounds to get down to a final.

At any time that rain stops play, get your guests to join in the fun. They must push all the furniture back against the walls and roll out an old sheet to cover the floor, then they get to play indoor tennis, batting a soft foam ball backwards and forwards across the line drawn down the sheet. Just one problem - they must keep their hands behind their backs! This game will keep people amused until play starts again and they will have a new appreciation for the athleticism of their tennis heroes.

Party bags

Yes, even grown ups love them. Let everybody go home with a tennis ball, some sweat bands, maybe chocolate tennis ball sweets, some tennis socks and Lego tennis players.