Yes, everybody’s talking about Star Wars VII! And while the internet may be obsessed with whether Disney will change the nature of the Star Wars franchise now its taken over Lucasfilm, we’re focused on the fancy dress opportunities.

The problem with Star Wars is that for couples, it’s always been a bit of a let down. The classic Princess Leia is always fun (and we’ve got a great complete Princess Leia fancy dress outfit with a superb wig!) but she’s about it for females, when it comes to costuming. For guys there’s everything from a Wookie to Yoda and back again, with the classic Valentine’s Fancy Dress pairing of Han Solo with Princess Leia being a huge hit every year.

 But now there’s something new … maybe not for 2015 as the film’s not out yet, but definitely for the following year, and we know that many of our fancy dress customers like to plan their outfits well in advance. The rumour is that there will be a female Stormtrooper in Star Wars VII. Yes, you saw it here first - female Stormtrooper! So if you really can’t wait for the film to come out, you could adapt one of our standard Stormtrooper costumes, using your imagination to feminise it. What can we expect?

Well, we anticipate there will be a curvier shape to the girl Stormtroopers although they will maintain the standard white uniform (but wait! Rumour says there’s going to be a chrome Stormtrooper too, which will be part of an ‘inner guard’, whatever that means) and we think that, just for fun, you might get away with a white tutu and a tiara perched on the Stormtrooper helmet. For couples who love each other, and love science fiction, this might just be the year that his and hers Stormtrooper costumes are slightly ahead of the fancy dress curve, but we reckon that by 2016 we’ll see the first his and hers Stormtrooper wedding photos.