As usual at we’ve been doing the research to make your fancy dress costume decisions into winners:


a - Pinterest is a great way to find costume ideas and we’ve been looking at the most pinned Fancy Dress costume pins since last year’s Halloween parties, to see what’s trending so you can be ahead of the curve.

  1. Top pins for this year suggest that Food costumes are going to be big. We’ve got just the thing for you with an on-trend hotdog fancy dress outfit that’s cheap as chips and hot as mustard!
  2. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both trending as costumes - we can see that’s mainly a USA thing but the Trump hairstyle is showing up on zombie costumes quite a lot … something to think about, maybe?
  3. Brexit costumes are also proving to be a popular trend for couples, with men in Union Jack suits and women in European T-Shirts or women in Union Jack mini-dresses and men in European flag T-shirts. It could be controversial though, so unless you do want to debate the referendum all night, we think it’s probably quite a high risk costume.
  4. Pokemon and pokestops are really trending - that’s a home made effort which is quite considerable, so unless you’re a real geek, it might be better to stick to something you can buy so that you can relax and enjoy the costumes of others!


b - Wear sensible shoes! It shouldn’t need saying but whether you’re doing the Monster Mash or escorting the kids on their Trick or Treat rounds, late October can be difficult in terms of weather, treacherous pavements, cold weather and sudden showers can all contribute to a twisted ankle or soaking wet feet.


c - Carving pumpkins is fun … or is it? Some people find it a huge faff and others think it’s a waste of good food. Pumpkin painting is trending this year - simply undercoat your pumpkin with white paint (water based) and then paint a design on top. You can then peel and eat the pumpkin as usual.