We can’t stop watching this video! Apparently Oktoberfest in Melbourne involves little sausage dogs racing their legs off and then parading around in fancy dress! The money raised goes to a dachshund rescue charity, which is all to the good.


However … we couldn’t help feeling sorry for some of those little hot dogs! It must be baking in those costumes, especially the spider and the tank, it’s pretty hot in Melbourne anyway, let alone with a heavy fancy dress outfit on top of your normal fur coat.


As this is the time of year when lots of people like to take their dogs out when they go trick or treating, we have a couple of simpler, and cooler suggestions.


If your dog is fair - say a Golden Labrador, Westie or white poodle, consider the use of simple food dye to give your dog a new look. Green looks great as a topknot for longer haired dogs, whilst if you have a short-hair, and they are calm natured, you can probably paint a design on their back (eg a black or blue spiderweb) while they are lying down. If it’s safe for us to eat, it’s safe for them to lick off but if you want the design to last a while, paint it where doggie tongues can’t reach - e.g. on the shoulder or between the eyes.


If your dog is dark, and you’re taking them out trick or treating, we have seen amazing results from a can of our own glow in the dark spray. Begin by spaying an old (or new pound shop) collar and lead, then spray some of the spray into the bottom of a clean empty yoghurt pot and use an old brush to paint it onto the dog’s toenails. You may need to distract them for a few minutes so it dries or they will try to lick it off and ‘glow in the dark tongue’ is not a good look, nor is it good for your dog’s belly! However, take them out after dark and you get an incredible appearance of disembodied claws, lead and collar - it’s really creepy, like you’re walking an invisible dog! As a fancy dress accessory, it’s a total winner. When the fun is over, you can simply wash the paint off the toenails with a mixture of 50% shampoo and 50% warm water. Remember to rinse with clean water - shampoo isn’t great for doggy bellies either! And that glow in the dark collar is a great thing to hang onto for foggy days. It might look a bit Hound of the Baskervilles but it will help you find

your dog if you let them off their lead.