Now we’ve seen everything! This is Guus the duck. He’s Dutch, thinks he’s a dog (or a human) and apparently likes to dress up in fancy dress costumes.

 Guus the duck

His owner, 20-year-old Sam Pronk, also has two dogs, which Guus has spent time with since he was a duckling which explains why Guus is confused about his species, but that doesn’t explain why he’s so willing to put on fancy dress and be photographed!


Perhaps ducks are natural show-offs or maybe Guus is an exceptional duck, but we’re sorry to inform you that we don’t stock fancy dress costumes for ducks, although we do have some very cute duck costumes for children and adults, including the sweetest duckling tabard you’ll see this year!


We can’t help feeling that the scenery and sets around the duck’s costumes suggest that his owner is angling for a book contract, or a career as a window dresser or stage hand, but it’s certainly a lot of fun to look at the dressed up duck - we think he’d make a great Fred Astaire in top hat and tails!


Lots of people like to dress up as animals (although we don’t see quite so many animals liking to dress up as people, Guus excluded!) and we have every possible kind of animal costume from neon pink gorillas through to man-eating sharks and realistic walrus masks alongside vampish sexy cat costumes for ladies.


Animal costumes are a lot of fun and if you’re looking for a party outfit for the Christmas period, we highly recommend releasing your inner wolf or dolphin. For a truly polished performance, try downloading some animal sounds from the internet and hiding your iPod or phone in your costume so that you can play a realistic lion’s roar or the evocative sound of whale song to accompany your fancy dress. Bet you win the prize as the best dressed guest!