So, what’s the biggest fun-time festival of March? There is no doubt in our minds, it’s St Patrick’s Day - which falls on Tuesday March 17th in 2015. The St Patrick’s Day parade in New York is famous, of course, but London’s parade is starting to come a close second - although this year it’s being held on 15 March because it’s always a Sunday parade, finishing in Trafalgar Square. And of course, St Paddy’s day gives us all an excuse to drink Guinness, paint ourselves green and have some craic!

There’s traditional Irish food to consider too - an Irish stew, some soda bread and maybe a Bailey’s or two to finish up the meal. But the main fun is in the costumes, attempting some Irish dancing to those fast and furious Irish jig tunes and enjoying a few anecdotes told by those who’ve kissed the blarney stone.

St Patrick’s Day Sport

There are a number of significant sporting events that are traditionally held on St Patrick’s Day, including a relatively new event called The Saint Patrick's Day Test (an international rugby tournament between Ireland and the USA) and the All Ireland Hurling Championships, and if you’ve never seen hurling, it’s a thrill-fest!

Many schools now recognise Saints’ days as part of their cultural calendar and children might be encouraged to learn about the life of St Patrick, to bring in some Irish food to share with others and often to wear green, even if it’s only hair ribbons for girls and a green T-shirt for boys.

Party time - Paddy Style

If you’re invited to a St Paddy’s Day costume party you can have all kinds of fun. The leprechaun is the traditional spirit of Ireland - and we have some brilliant costumes for both men and women, boys and girls. But if you’re not up for a full costume, or perhaps just need something to wear to work that will allow you to participate in this fun day without having to dress up completely, we’ve got some cute little Irish accessories to offer, like Irish boppers or shamrock glasses.

So however you choose to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, we’ve got just what you need to bring your events to life!