Well, it’s almost here again! Whilst older readers might remember when St Paddy’s was an almost uncelebrated event in the UK, that’s all changed recently. Today, while we might not have weekend-long events like those in New York, most British cities are keen to celebrate the life of St Patrick in what has become the traditional fashion, fancy dress, parades and green food!


If you're new to St Patricks Day, a good place to start is Irish folklore … from leprechauns to shamrocks, from green face paint to pots of gold, St Patricks Day Fancy Dress offers something for everyone, from the shy costume wearer (anything green will do) through to the committed Irish fan … full curly red beard, green hat and shamrocks everywhere. Given how grey and miserable March can be, it’s a great idea to plan a fun party. Organising an Irish themed party is one of the easiest things you’ll ever do because the Irish culture lends itself naturally to dancing, singing, costumes and fun.


To cater your own St Patrick’s Day event, buy some green food colouring and make up some great cocktails like the Grasshopper.




1 shot green creme de menthe

1 shot white creme de cacao

1 shot single cream


Pour into a shaker over ice and shake until chilled before straining into a glass and garnishing with mint. Light, creamy and very more-ish!


Irish music is always great for a party and you can cater some amazing green food such as Shamrock cupcakes, colcannon, corned beef and cabbage or just soda bread with savoury green toppings like guacamole.


If you’ve got children there’s just time to combine World Book Day with some St Patrick’s Day vibe … little leprechauns, happy dancing shamrocks, we’ve got everything you need to enjoy both days without spending a fortune. And everybody knows that it’s worth having the luck of the Irish!