Well, the good news is that the election will be over by Spring Bank Holiday! The bad news is that it can be a really difficult Bank Holiday to plan for … the weather isn’t always kind and parties can be hit and miss. Never fear - we’ve got the answer!

Indoor Beach Party

Let’s start with the costumes … because they make and break the whole event. Bikinis and trunks would be cool, but might be too cool, given the unpredictable weather. Instead we like to recommend that people move to a Club Tropicana style fancy dress costume, basically think Wham! and other 1980s fancy dress ideas: Hawaiian style shirts and shorts for men, neon bright T-shirts tied in a knot and stretch mini skirts or puffballs for women - cheap and cheerful sunglasses complete the look and give a great final touch. Of course you can go further because, ‘80s fancy dress ideas for men make a real splash at a beach party - lots of hair gel or crazy wigs, maybe some MC Hammer trousers, or even a full Freddie Mercury.


A few inflatable flamingoes  and palm trees can really make your indoor party go with a bang (pun intended) and we even have a party game to use your props to their full.

Flamingo Fetch

It’s an old game, but with a new twist. Divide your guests into two teams and give each team a well inflated flamingo. They have to ‘sprint’ to the palm tree and back with the flamingo held between them, but they can’t use their hands or arms to hold it in place. When they cross the line they must pass the flamingo to the next pair to run to the tree and back. Lots of fun!

Another fun game for your indoor beach party is Musical Towels

Get some great music going, reggae works well, and lay out some beach towels in a line down the middle of the room. Play the music, everybody gets to dance and when the music stops they have to jump on a towel and lay themselves out in a sunbathing pose! Remove a towel each time and watch the random collisions as two beach bunnies try to stretch out on the same towel!