Freaky Friday back to school party


Just as many parents (or at least many of the honest ones) are sighing with relief as school beings again and the kids are off their hands for most of the day at last, those same kids are about to have September meltdowns. The first week back is usually okay - new school books and stationery, the chance to catch up with friends not seen much over the summer, and school uniforms feel almost like fancy dress for those first few days.


Then homework arrives and children realise that this is it - this is reality. Misery all round.  So what can you do for your kiddie-winks to make this transition easier?


We enjoy the old Freaky Friday or Vice Versa party as a way of helping children over the back to school hump. Just pick a Friday after the school day is done and let your children dress as adults, while you put on school uniform and act like a brat!


We’ve got everything you need, costume wise, like our schoolboy set, which will create just the right vibe for a fun evening. Serve tuck shop treats for dinner and offer to help with your kid’s homework while they catch up on their ‘grown up’ chores like surfing the net, gossiping to their friends on the phone and nagging the ‘kids’ to get on with their coursework! Be careful though … one of us was fortunate enough to get a rather whizzy sales presentation out of her twelve-year-old son who clearly had a better handle on graphics than she did, but she failed to complete any of his ‘new maths’ questions correctly and he has never let her forget it!


Because it’s Friday you can allow a no bedtime night, where the kids stay up as late as they like and if you have a few family films to watch you’ll probably find that you all have a great evening. There’s nothing wrong with letting your inner child out once in a while, especially if your children are trying on their inner adult for size!