If you dress up as Father Christmas once a year, we salute you -  that’s the right and proper thing to do, at Christmas. Apart from anything else, should you get caught setting out the presents or filling the stockings on Christmas Eve, you might get away with passing for Santa Claus himself!


Apart from that use for your Santa suit, you can attend fancy dress parties as Father Christmas and the honest truth is that this is the one time of year when you can’t have too many Santas, can you?


But there are quite a few other ways to extend the use of your Santa suit:



  • Do a Santa run for charity - there’s a list of special Xmas runs, some of which provide their own Santa suit, others of which you need to suit and boot for, right here.


  • Do your Christmas shopping - not presents, obviously but groceries … finding Father Christmas stocking up on cheese and crackers in Lidl or pondering which granola to buy in Waitrose is likely to make many a small child’s Christmas much more real.


  • Go on a date - well, we dare you! For those who claim to have, or like a GSOH there can be fewer funny experiences in December than finding themselves auditioning to be Mrs Claus (or Santa) for a full-on red suit and beard wearing first date.


  • Put on your bikini or board shorts and go out on the hottest day of the year in your Father Christmas costume and eat a huge ice-cream!


Of course, for most of these activities you’re going to need a pretty robust Santa fancy dress costume, and we have the perfect outfit for you. Bear in mind that if you’re going to be running or break-dancing or whatever you’ll need good shoes, preferably black trainers. You can always use some boot toppers to conceal the reality of your running shoes.


And if you’re Mrs Claus, all the same ideas apply, of course!