Wes Morgan, former Nottingham Forest football team captain who now plays for Leicester has signed a sponsorship deal like no other. It all comes from his name - Morgan - because he is not the ambassador for Jamaican drinks brand, Captain Morgan rum.  There are two clauses in the deal that will definitely hit the front pages:


  1. If Wes Morgan walks into a bar, turns to face the customers, spread his arms wide and shouts "There's only one Captain Morgan!”, every eligible drinker in the place will be entitled to the free drink at the rum brand’s expense!
  2. He is also required turn up as the Captain, in the exact costume of the pirate on the front of the rum bottles, at all fancy-dress parties he attends.


At AbFab Fancy Dress we can’t wait to see the photos of that particular costume! For those who fancy themselves as pirates, we have a great Captain Cutthroat pirate costume - sadly, free rum is not included in the purchase price.