It’s odd that we’re not as good at this as other nationalities. There’s no doubt that the Irish lead the field in terms of European national celebrations - St Patrick’s Day is a total green-fest. But what about the rest of the saints: George, Andrew and David?

Well the trend for St George’s day parties is increasing as certain traditional pursuits such as mumming, Morris Dancing and other very English activities are reactivated as part of our national heritage.  Of the four saints, George is the easiest one to have fun with, mainly because he has such an awesome costume! Our St George is a medieval knight complete with chain mail, sword and shield - all you need to add is a pair of boots or sandals (either is historically acceptable, the boots work for cavalry and the sandals for a foot soldier) and the right rugged attitude. Of course every St George needs a dragon and we have a bunch of cute dragon costumes that work perfectly with St George.

Many schools now have a St George’s Day parade - which is possibly because St George doesn’t have a Bank Holiday to his name, and great costumes that feature the English themes can be constructed from bowler hats, shirts and umbrellas (business man), white shirts and rolled up trousers (morris dancing) or even 1960s hippy themes with a bit of added mud to give the costume the correct Glastonbury vibe. The cross of St George is a good start for a costume, while some of the most popular outfits we’ve seen have included a family ‘Full English’ with people dressed as eggs, bacon, toast and sausages and weather related costumes with wellingtons and umbrellas that comment on the typical British weather.

If you're going to celebrate St George’s Day at home, pick a great meal - bangers and mash, cottage or shepherds pie or the famous roast beef and Yorkshire puddings and a traditional pudding like Eton Mess or a crumble and then spend the evening watching some of what makes England special, such as the best comedy (Fawlty Towers) or the best drama; Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V or History Boys would be great choices. And of course, great beer and cider are very much a part of our English heritage too!