Maybe Halloween isn’t your thing? Maybe, in fact, the whole of October fills you with dread, the clocks going back, the weather turning, tans fading … well then we have a suggestion to fill you with cheer - well maybe not so much cheer as beer!


Octoberfest fancy dress


Octoberfest - just the word conjures the pleasures of chilled beer, meaty sausages, oompah bands and still costumes. And if that’s the kind of jolliness that would make your October more fun, why not have an Octoberfest of your own?  There are several Octoberfest events around the UK, or you can simply have an Octoberfest themed fancy dress party.


We’d recommend starting with a great fancy dress costume. You can either opt for the classic Bavarian lederhosen approach or go a little more ‘out there’ with something like our fun-packed Beer Keg costume.


Find some upbeat brass band music for the entertainment and practice your knee-slapping country dancing - there are some great YouTube videos to help you get the moves. You’ll want a to record your guests attempting some Bavarian dancing, so you can embarrass them later!


Then plan your catering - sausages of course, with sauerkraut, fried onions and a range of other toppings, and get the beer in! Simple, fun and bound to make October a month to remember