Halloween High Jinks in fancy dress


Did Halloween whet your appetite for fancy dress parties? Then you’re not alone. Did you know that online fancy dress retailers like abfab.co.uk are busier in the weeks after Halloween?  I think it’s the experience of dressing up for Halloween that reminds us how much fun we have in costume and so we go all out to start planning a big fancy dress party for christmas or a costume event for New Year.


So what do the celebrities do? Well Heidi Klum definitely goes for it in a big way and this year is no exception - she dressed up as Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit - and she looked spectacular!  Dressing up as a star is always fun, and when that star is also a cartoon character, you can really make a splash. Jessica Rabbit is a hard ask though, as you have to look pretty well perfect to pull that costume off. If you’d like to attend your next party as a cartoon character and you’re not quite ready to reveal that much flesh (or if your flesh is not in the same stunning package as Heidi’s) why not try a more forgiving persona such as Wilma or Betty from The Flintstones. These Flintstones fancy dress costumes are just as much fun, and equally feminine but require less time spent defining your six pack! Even better, if you have a family group, you can find yourself a Fred and a Barney, a Pebbles and a Bam-Bam and make it a proper show!


Football stars dress like winners


In a surprise double whammy, Liverpool beat Chelsea 3-1. That was the first wham. The second one was the players’ party after the match, when the Liverpool Football team all dressed up for Halloween - it shows just how hard those players play, doesn’t it? Whether on the pitch or in fancy dress costume, they go all out and get results!

Liverpool Team