If you love fancy dress (and we at AbFab.co.uk definitely do!) then why not let this year be the year you take your dressing up to a new level?


Resolution 1 - have more fun next New Year


There are a couple of ways that you can really ramp up your fancy dress experience in the year ahead. One way is to attend one of the UK’s famous Fancy Dress New Year’s parties. This year we went to Weymouth to see what was happening there … and it was a blast!


The traditional New Year’s Eve fancy dress party  seems to have had several thousand people enjoying the town’s pubs and bars despite some rather unpleasant weather. Costumes included:

Bill and Ben, Cowboys and Indians (with the twist of zombie Cowboys and Indians showing up several times) Garfield and his friends and Super-heroes. Probably the two biggest costume choices over the evening were minions and Star Wars. People travel from all over the UK (and mainland Europe) to take part in the fun and from Viking hordes to the numerals 2016, a great time was had by all.


But that’s only half the fun. The Dorset Echo newspaper runs a competition where people can enter selfies of their fancy dress costume to win prizes. There are five categories and each winner gets £100 in vouchers to be spent in the Weymouth area. So next year you could dress up, win big and have fun all at the same time!


Resolution 2 - weekend it!


The Butlin’s Big Weekends cover everything from Northern Soul to Darts, from Ibiza Legends to The Great British Folk Festival - and for most of them, Butlin’s actually encourage people to come along in costume.


Not every Big Weekend is costume appropriate but Butlin’s will always let you know which are and which aren’t and they are a fantastic opportunity to kick back and enjoy dressing up in company of several hundred other fans. We’re so excited by these weekends that we’ve put together a special page of Butlin’s Big Weekends costumes just for you!