Yes, it’s upon us. The (un)official Star Wars day has caused much costuming to happen around the world. Chewbaccas have turned up to work,  Princess Leias have attended school and Yodas have spoken badly in call centres. The day - a pun on the Star Wars franchise theme ‘May the Force be with you’ grows exponentially every year and this year with the new Star Wars film, it’s going to be bigger than ever.


As the Star Wars celebration grows, it becomes more and more fun. Families take part as a whole with little toddler Darth Vaders being led around the supermarket by mothers in Darth Maul costumes and many many stormtroopers doing all kinds of things in quite unlikely places. Flickr and Instagram will be full of the most peculiar pictures of stormtroopers taking showers or tap dancing - it’s all quite hilarious.


If you missed the boat this year, you can plan ahead for next year, holding a Star Wars marathon watching experience (after all there are seven films now!) and inviting all your guests to come along in appropriate fancy dress.


And if you’re not a huge Star Wars fan you can always broaden the idea out to include other science fiction films - Space Balls is a hoot, and TV franchises from Firefly to Red Dwarf, from Star Trek to Battlestar Galactica, offer great opportunities to wear whatever fancy dress costumes that take your fancy.


And don’t take it all too seriously - it’s all meant to be a lot of fun!