Trending at festivals so far this year are super-cute dresses - by which we mean pretty outfits, not those showing massive amounts of thigh or cleavage - worn with cowboy hats, and bright raincoats (no surprise there). However the trend of fancy dress for weekend festivals is growing rapidly: we saw lots of costumes at Glastonbury, with political themes proving popular there, while  mates fancy dress was a big deal at many other events, with Power Rangers and Transformers appearing quite often while the Addams Family and Flintstones were very popular with groups … one interesting trend we spotted was costume swapping - with the girls and guys in a tent swapping the costumes they’d worn on the previous day so the girls went as guys and guys as girls. Getting twice the life from your fancy dress outfit, obviously!


Glitter beards are a thing - seen at Radio One’s Big Weekend in Hull, and several celeb Eurovision parties - the glitter beard is definitely very 2017. But not all glitter is created equal! We recommend you make it easy on yourself with the AbFab silver glitter hair and body spray - specially designed to be both easy to apply and easy to remove, because a glitter beard should be for partying, not for Monday morning when you’ve got to go into work and the cheap glitter you thought would do the job is making your face look like you tried to eat an upside down Christmas tree.


Tie dye is always popular on the summer festival circuit but to make it look fancy-dress-worthy and not just like you found an ancient cast off on the back rail of the local Oxfam shop, it’s important to put in a bit of work - worry beads and wonderful wide legged jeans give your tie dye the right retro vibe and actually can be found on said charity shop rail for a very reasonable price!