Who can forget the amazing moment when James Bond met the Queen, was walked through Buckingham Palace and then jumped out of a helicopter to support her Maj! The 2012 London Olympic ceremony was notable for many things but the parachuting Queen was almost certainly the most unforgettable.


Right now, the dress that the Queen wore for the opening ceremony is on display at Buckingham Palace. What isn’t so well known is that the beautiful dress, created from salmon pink silk, lace and beads, also had its own fancy dress version. The second dress was created - with equal care - by Angela Kelly, the Queen’s PA and adviser, for her majesty’s stunt double, Gary Connery, who was the person who actually jumped from the helicopter.  The fancy dress version was kept such a secret that Ms Kelly’s seamstresses didn’t even know that two outfits were being made, but the fancy dress costume version had to be strong enough to cope with a genuine parachute jump whilst looking identical to the beautiful gown that the monarch wore to enter the arena.


So while for most of us fancy dress is just a bit of fun, it can also be a show-stopping performance, involving the most amazing confidence tricks. If the Queen can enjoy a bit of fancy dress, why shouldn't the rest of us? If you’re up for a bit of British bling, our Rule Britannia costume might be just the ticket. Now all you need is an arena, a helicopter and … of course … your own 007!