We couldn’t resist this story - a chance to look at the Queen’s wardrobe, especially the costumes made for her when she took part in amateur dramatics at Windsor Palace as a teenager. The exhibition is on at Buckingham Palace and shows just how differently the royals do things. The then Princess Elizabeth had an Aladdin based costume, for example, that probably cost as much to design and make as the average wedding dress!


Still, it’s brilliant to see that the royals have the same sense of fun as the rest of us, and if that Aladdin costume has sparked your interest in some pantomime based fancy dress, we have a fab, highly versatile Aladdin costume that can be used as the base for Ali Baba or genie outfits too. We’ve got magicians and wizards, panto horses and principal boys.


The real joy of this kind of fancy dress is that we all know those basic pantomime characters and it’s easy to get into character and to interact with other panto heroes and heroines - that means that the ice is broken much more quickly at your party and as people start to get into their stride you’ll find some astonishing photo opportunities: Buttons talking to the Genie, Widow Twanky dancing with a ghost, a principal boy having a laugh with the wolf from Red Riding Hood … we guarantee that you’ll see a new side to your mates, especially those big lads who suddenly can’t wait to get into a skirt and apron and a big sparkly wig … bet you know who we mean!


Whatever your am dram fancy dress needs, we definitely have them covered, although we can’t promise that they will be hand-made, bespoke outfits like those that the Royals get up to their high jinks in!