There are hundreds of great reasons to get into fancy dress: parties, anniversaries, charity runs and special events of all kinds. But one new reason for putting on a fancy dress costume is unexpected - funerals.


According to the Co-op, one of the UK’s leading funeral providers, ‘quirky’ funerals are becoming more commonplace. The most notable occasions have included the funeral of an eighty-three-year-old whose family gave him an Only Fools and Horses themed send-off, complete with a Robin Reliant to carry the coffin!


Half the UK’s funeral directors say they’ve been asked to organise a ‘destination’ funeral - that’s one held other than at a church or crematorium and some have gone much further than that … we’ve even heard about one funeral director who agreed to dress up as Darth Vader to help conduct a Halloween themed funeral service. We haven’t yet heard about any Coronation Street themed funerals but we’re certain we’ve got just the right costume for men: Jack Duckworth!


Of course a funeral is a sad occasion, but it’s also a day of remembrance and for those who really enjoyed a good knee’s up during their lives, the idea of holding a wake and truly celebrating the life of a loved one is increasingly appealing.


This week’s hot weather has sent many partygoers into a tizzy. Our helpline has been buzzing with questions about what costume is best to choose when the temperatures soar so we thought we’d make a couple of suggestions:


Caveman costumes are great for the summer, as they allow men to go bare-chested (although a chest wig can be a good investment) and women can wear short skirts.

Also popular for women in summer is the harem costume because its lightweight material and bare midriff are like natural air-conditioning.