Dresser to the stars dresses kids like stars


You may not have heard of Monica Rose but she’s the dresser who pours the Kardashians into their outfits. So what did she dress her kids as for Halloween this year? Well … Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears actually, in their 2001 American Music Awards outfits. In previous years her daughter, Alaia Rose has gone out trick or treating dressed as both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (that took a bit of split-screen trickery on Instagram) and even as Karl Lagerfeld.


No doubt it’s amazingly clever, but we wonder if Alaia Rose wouldn’t rather have been dressed as something simpler, like Elsa from Frozen, like every other little girl we saw this week! Because when she’s grown up, it won’t be much fun for her to have to explain her costume to everybody who looks at her kiddy pictures - that’s why the perennial favourites: princesses, nurses, fairy story characters like Little Red Riding Hood, are top choices for little girls, the keep alive the idea of dress up in a way that more clever costumes just don't.


Is your man a closet fancy dress fan?


Ticketing website Eventbrite ran a survey which says that 33% of British men now enjoy wearing fancy dress more than they like their own clothes, with 39% saying that fancy dress costumes help them relax and meet people.


If this is true, why do so many women experience resistance in getting their chap to attend a fancy dress do? The answer appears to be that it’s single men who appreciate the role of a fancy dress costume in allowing them to tap into new unexplored parts of their personality - whilst the happily partnered have less desire to discover hidden aspects of themselves or other people. That said, we all know the power of a costume to release endorphins and create a sense of fun, so why not give the man in your life an excuse to dress up? Superhero themed parties are the best way to get a guy to invest in a costume, and don’t be surprised if he then wants to wear his costume when it’s not party time!