Our favourite Halloween event is always the Howl’Oween in Liverpool where every kind and size of dog gets to dress up for the Puppy Parade that raises funds for a couple of local dog charities. There’s always a parade from Colquitt Street on the Sunday before Halloween and the dogs are just so cute.


Which is why a heartwarming story about stag nights and puppies has been our most watched video this week. What isn’t clear about this bachelor party, as they call them in the USA, is whether the guys were in fancy dress - we think the only thing that could improve the tale is if they were dressed up as Top Cat and Shaun the Sheep when they went to rescue the puppies!


It’s a brilliant idea to involve the family dog in your fancy dress events but not all dogs are keen to play along. On those occasions we’ve found that some of the best fun can be had by leaving your pet along and dressing up too complement him or her - for example a cat costume, a giant bone etc. We’ve seen a couple of ‘dog’s dinner’ costumes over the years that were very creative too.


Whatever you’re doing to celebrate Halloween or Bonfire Night, it’s always good to remember the animals. Check your bonfire before you light it so you can ensure no happy little hedgehog has denied it would make the perfect winter hibernation spot, let your neighbours know if you’re letting off fireworks so they can get their cats indoors and their dogs under the table or wherever else they feel safest when the big bangs start and don’t forget many people keep hutch animals outdoors and its always thoughtful to check whether your neighbours would want a bit of warning to help their rabbits or hens cope with fireworks.