It’s not to too late to play an April Fool’s Day trick in fancy dress costume. We’ve seen some amazing costumes that prove that anybody can use fancy dress to create the funniest prank ever and here are some of our favourites:

 1. Pregnant women painting up their bellies - oh yes, this is a thing! The funniest one we saw was a mum-to-be who dressed up in drag as a builder, including low slung trackies and a line of false hair running from her navel all the way down into her trousers - it totally fooled people in the corner shop she went to. We’ve also seen bellies painted like footballs or hot air balloons.

 2. Nun but the brave - the old nun or priest costume may seem clichéd but for April Fools it’s a great old trick that often works much better than you’d imagine. Our favourites included nuns boogying on down in bus shelters and the vicar who walked in a stately fashion down a major London street before stopping, tucking his cassock into his Y-fronts and doing a Ministry of Silly Walks all the way back again!

 3. Clown costumes - are always popular for April Fool’s Day - although after the recent creepy clown epidemic you might want to be careful about going out dressed as a clown as this is one costume that a lot of people seem to find quite the opposite of funny!