Feeling a bit blue after Valentine’s Day?  Then it’s time to plan a party! Seriously, the pressure put on people to succeed at Valentine’s can be a real downer, and we’ve learned to find ways to spread some fun in February. One of our favourite tricks is to have a post-Valentine’s party and to set an inclusive theme, so that people really have to turn their minds to their fancy dress costume rather than dwelling on their romantic (or otherwise) experiences over the Valentine’s Day period.

What do we mean by inclusive theme? Well, a couple of things. First it’s good to get away from the couples and partners scenario. Those who are blissed up with their other half won’t even notice but those who are still single or who had a tough Valentine’s will really appreciate not having to engage in yet another event that’s all planned around being in lurve… Our top suggestions are:

  1. American Civil War
  2. Royalty, Nobles and Courtiers
  3. Witches, wizards and villagers.

These three themes give a lot of scope for individual fun. So you might find that most of your guests turn up as soldiers or generals from the American Civil War whilst the more imaginative will decide to come as Native American guides - we’ve even seen people come as fancy dress cannons for this theme!


Similarly Nobles and Courtiers involved everything from Marie Antoinette to Henry VIII* (very popular right now, with all the Wolf hall excitement that’s going on) through to wizards, jesters and even bodyguards. It means there’s something for everyone, whether you choose a wonderful tailored costume that is an investment in your future role playing or a light-hearted fancy dress that you can wear and forget.

Witches, wizards and villagers is a great party thing for families, which brings us to our second point.  Whilst some other fancy dress party themes can exclude the younger (and older) family members, this one really allows everybody to feel at home. Even the tiniest tot can pull off dressing as a witch or wizard and shyer folk often find that showing up in a simple fancy dress costume like villager or peasant does the job of allowing them to feel involved without putting them under a lot of pressure to look good.

So if you’re experiencing some post-Valentine’s Day blues, why not throw a party and let your inner Henry VIII or wicked witch come out to play?