The story of a chap who turned up to a christening in fancy dress went viral on social media. Apparently the dad of the child being christened simply told his mate that the christening would be different, because it was in fancy dress, and was taken at his word. While the dad assumed his mate was simply playing along with the joke, it turns out that he’d been completely taken in. So when his friend arrived dressed as a medieval knight, complete with sword, to find himself in an otherwise ‘formal’ environment, it was a bit of a shock.


Now we applaud his choice - if you’re going to show up anywhere in a fancy dress costume, you really can’t go far wrong with a nice knight. It’s patriotic, it suits all body types, it’s easy to move around it and … well, you’ve got a sword! But the moral of the story is clearly that if you’re apparently invited to a fancy dress do, check out with a couple of the other guests to be sure you’ve really understood the invitation!


Then again, maybe it’s definitely the case that it’s fancy dress event that you’ve been invited to, and you’re struggling to decide on the best outfit to wear. If you’re a fancy dress novice, it can seem like a big step - so why not try one of our suggestions?


  1. Pick a character you like or admire - it’s much easier to get into a costume if you’re already into the character. One of the AbFab team’s first fancy dress foray was as O-Ren Ishii from Kill Bill and she hasn’t looked back since!
  2. Maybe you’d like to appear as a childhood hero or even to wear a costume that you first wore as a child … many a Bash Street Kid has revisited their comic-reading childhood as their first fancy dress costume. Just make sure you have your pea shooter and water pistol to hand.
  3. Finally, it’s easier to step out in style as part of a group, so if you’re losing your nerve, see if a mate will join you in costuming up for a party.