Some Fancy Dress Costume events happen every year - the London Marathon, New Year’s Eve parties, Hallowe’en etc, but our attention was caught this month by a well-established event that we haven’t been really familiar with - the Glasgow Easter Egg Run.

 Glasgow Easter Egg Run


The reason this dressing up charity event focused our minds was that it’s an unusual occasion - it’s Easter themed but done on motorbikes, so finding costumes is a bit of a stretch (literally!). The costumes have to meet a set of criteria:


  1. Fitting over bike leathers
  2. Having good visibility
  3. Maintaining the Easter theme.


Straw boaters and chicken costumes are easy fancy dress outfits for people taking part in active events. We’d also recommend light up bunny ears as being a fantastic way to appear to be in a very impressive costume without putting yourself at risk or having a costume that’s too hot or constricting.


These are the same considerations should be borne in mind when choosing a fancy dress for any occasion when you’re going to have to be fairly active such as Halloween if you’re going trick or treating or taking part in a charity fun run. Our top tips are:


Choose a fancy dress where you can remove many elements and still be recognisable - for example a cowboy is still a cowboy if he dumps his guns, chaps and whip and just wears his hat!

Remember that couples fancy dress only works if both people are equally committed to staying in costume - if your partner bails on the fancy dress pantomime horse outfit, you’re going to look pretty silly.

Face paint is usually your friend - if you’re not sure how your costume will hold up, a Spiderman or Shrek face or a wild hippy fancy dress with flower painted face will allow you to remain in costume no matter what else is going on.