Fancy dress controversy


More than 800 students at the University of Edinburgh have signed a petition requesting the return of free speech to their social lives.  The problem? Student Union leaders have imposed a crack-down on fancy dress events, which are commonplace at most UK universities, giving a list of characters and real life individuals that Edinburgh students should not costume themselves as, including: Mexicans, gangsters, Native Americans, and rapper Chris Brown!


Why the list? Apparently there have been a series of scandals resulting from students ‘blacking up’ for a number of characters and now the Edinburgh University Student’s Association (EUSA) has created a new policy to try and prevent further upsets - the policy states, 'You may not intend to hurt anyone when picking out your costume, and you may not even think there's a problem, but it's important to consider the impact your choices will have.’


It’s a valid concern but it seems to miss the point - for many people, fancy dress is not just about putting on some funny clothes and having a good time, it’s a subversive way of drawing attention to issues they consider important and of exploring some ideas that they might not have very clear feelings about as yet. On that basis, the way young people use costumes to shock each other, the wider world, and maybe themselves, seems like a healthy part of their university experience and not something to be particularly censored.


Valentine’s Day Fancy Dress


There’s been some interesting research done into what people of Valentine’s Day fancy dress costumes and one thing that might surprise you is that if you’re a woman looking for a long term relationship, it’s better to choose a cute costume than a sexy one. It seems that men view women who choose those ‘adult’ costumes as being great for a fling but not the right person to settle down with. On the other hand, while cute and wholesome fancy dress attire might not win a woman as much attention on the day, it’s seen as being strong evidence that the wearer is somebody who might be appropriate for a permanent relationship.


We’d recommend our fantasy fairy costume if you’re a woman looking for a Valentine’s Day costume that suggests you’re right for a solid romance because it’s pink and flirty, but also whimsical and not too sexy and it flatters all body types.