With Avengers just out, and Ant Man and The Fantastic Four just around the corner, we think it’s a great time to be holding an alter ego fancy dress party. From Super Mario to Superman, from witches to Wonder Woman, dressing up as an alter ego can be a great way to free guests from inhibitions so that they have a great time! 

Costumes are also great - it doesn’t matter if you’re naturally heroic or quietly quirky - there will be a perfect costume for you. Some people favour the full hero, complete with fake six-pack, super-hero weapon of choice and heroic attitude, whilst others fall comfortably into the anti-hero category,  with a suitable snarl, scowl or sneer and a slinky, svelte or sneaky outfit. Cartoon and manga characters are popular too.

Of course, you need some special drinks, such as Kryptonite cocktail and Asgard Ale and some games … of which our favourite is definitely the phone booth game.

Phone booth game

You know how a superhero has to conceal his or her identity and tends to use a phone booth to whip off their day clothes and reveal their superhero costume! Well that’s our favourite party game.

  • Get a big cardboard box - the kind that a fridge or oven comes in, and place a superhero costume in it - you need to buy a fancy dress outfit with gloves, wig, boots and a cape, or coat, as well as a weapon.
  • Divide your guests into two teams - each team picks four ‘heroes’ to run the race whilst the rest of them cheer - the cheering squad need to have three sacred treasures to hand their team such as mystery boxes, arcane crystals and magical necklaces.
  • When you blow the whistle the first member of each team of four has to run to the ‘phone box’, climb inside and put on the costume before running back to their team. They take off the costume and pass it to the next member of the team who puts it on and runs with the first treasure to the phone box, then takes off the costume and leaves it with the treasure.
  • They run back and tag the next team member who takes a treasure to the phone box, pulls on the costume and runs back etc. Time how long it takes to get the three treasures into the box and then let the next team have a go.

We guarantee that the whole room will be shouting and screaming encouragement before long!