April’s an athletic month! Between St George’s Day on 23 April, which includes horses, dragons, sword-wielding and princesses, and the London Marathon on 26th April, we’re expecting a run on our costumes … and we’re not above a pun!

So, if you’re a marathon supporter, or just want to host a little drinks party as you watch in on TV, we’ve got just the costume for you … our 118-118 runner outfit comprises shorts and labelled running vest so that you can get into the spirit of the day. Just add a moustache and wig, or get the mousse out if you’ve got enough hair to do the 1980s hair look with your natural tresses, and settle down with a bunch of snacks and some drinks to enjoy a marathon party. Our top tips for a personal best at the London Marathon party are:

  • Invite people to come in costume like those worn in the Marathon, popular examples are rhino costumes and pillar box outfits but still the most popular runner’s costume we offer is the Chicken fancy dress - it’s a classic!
  • As each guest arrives, stretch a string across the doorway and allow them to ‘win’. Make sure you get lots of pics of their crazy slow motion antics as they cross the ‘finishing line’
  • Give a prize for the best costume, and then another prize for the person who can run fastest in their costume … set out a course around the garden and have a starting gun to really set the right tone
  • Make some marathon bunting by cutting triangles out of old sporting magazines and stapling them to plaited red white and blue string
  • Put soft drinks in squeezy bottles like the ones on offer at the water stations along the course
  • Provide some marathon themed snacks such as pasta salad (carb loading), frozen bananas dipped in dark chocolate (potassium rich bananas are great for recovery, and dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants) and peanut butter bagels - a favourite fuelling food for distance runners.

 And when the party is over, maybe you’ll be inspired to go out for a run …?