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Hen Night

So … the 2016 FA Cup Final will take place on 21 May in London between Manchester United and Crystal Palace.


Ready to party?


Of course you are.


Regardless of whether you’re a fan of either club, you can still enjoy the big day with a Cup Final party - and you’ve got plenty of time to plan a great evening. Here are our tips for a great Cup Final:


  • Make sure your guests know that you’re having a Big Match Special at your place - if necessary, beg, borrow or rent a big screen to show the game on.
  • Offer prizes for the best fancy football themed fancy dress - that should create some great costumes (if you’re attending a Cup Final party at somebody else’s house, we think our Subbuteo fancy dress is going to win you some prizes)
  • Work on some great football snacks to hand around - sliced oranges (popped into in colour themed cocktails of course), chips in take-out boxes etc. Try out any unfamiliar ideas on your family so you know if they are a success - football pizza for example is brilliant but takes a bit of planning
  • Hire in some glasses and buy paper plates and plastic cutlery - it’s only footie after all
  • Striped cups like referee jerseys, food labels in the form of fan rosettes and so on
  • Make sure you’ve got lots of flags to wave - no rattles though, they get very anti-social very quickly!
  • Place a bet … what have you got to lose?



Yes, it’s upon us. The (un)official Star Wars day has caused much costuming to happen around the world. Chewbaccas have turned up to work,  Princess Leias have attended school and Yodas have spoken badly in call centres. The day - a pun on the Star Wars franchise theme ‘May the Force be with you’ grows exponentially every year and this year with the new Star Wars film, it’s going to be bigger than ever.


As the Star Wars celebration grows, it becomes more and more fun. Families take part as a whole with little toddler Darth Vaders being led around the supermarket by mothers in Darth Maul costumes and many many stormtroopers doing all kinds of things in quite unlikely places. Flickr and Instagram will be full of the most peculiar pictures of stormtroopers taking showers or tap dancing - it’s all quite hilarious.

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Abfab Fancy Dress

Fancy dress is so much fun! The British have really got onto the fancy dress bandwagon in the past decade for three reasons.

The British love fancy dress because

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